Intuitive Painting

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.”

-Rumi (poet and Sufi mystic)

Er volgen nu Zomerworkshops! Deze workshops geef ik bij uitzondering thuis, buiten in onze tuin waar je helemaal vrij kunt schilderen en die je alle inspiratie geeft. Er is een druivenserre, een boomgaard, een moestuin, wilde bloemenpracht… Je hoort de vogels en voelt hier de zomer in al haar glorie.

De data voor de zomerworkshops zijn: 22 juni, 14 juli en 18 augustus.

Het is een volledig verzorgde dag voor €179,00. Breng je iemand mee dan krijg je een korting van € 25,00.

Ik geef ook één-op-één workshops helemaal op maat.

Daarnaast verzorg ik op vraag van bedrijven ook workshops op (team)belevingsdagen of live-dagen.

Creativity is an innate gift that resides within each of us, but too often it remains unexplored and untapped. What may get in the way is, trying to meet the expectations of others, setting the bar high for yourself, running out of time because it's never enough, constantly comparing yourself... In other words, the pressure is high and the creativity you need doesn't get a chance.

In this workshop, you will learn to unleash your creativity and to express it in an inspiring way. You will reconnect with your heart, learn how to be guided by your heart and witness the wonders that unfold on your canvas.

At the end of the afternoon, you will not only have created a beautiful work of art, but you will have also laid the foundation for a more creative and authentic life. The principles you learn in painting can be applied to all aspects of your life, whether it be at work, at home, or in your relationships. These are scientific and spiritual principles.

In fact, a painting paints itself. You will learn how this works during the workshop.

You don't have to bring anything for the workshop, everything will be provided for you.

The day looks like this:

9.30 am

We will meet each other with coffee/tea and cake. Introduction to the secrets of painting: “The Art of Creation”

10.15 am
Through a relaxation exercise you connect with your heart. You learn to paint from your heart and explore playfully different techniques on your canvas. You discover your favorite colors. You will also learn how to view your art from different perspectives and listen to inspiring music to fuel your creativity. By lunchtime you will be amazed at what has already arisen on your canvas.
12.30 pm
1.15 pm

The Genius©. “There is a Genius in each and every one of us, ready to arise.” Through this model you learn how to easily get in touch with your own creative Genius and how this leads to your own masterpiece. The rest of the afternoon you will receive more inspiring input that will help you create your own art. You will also learn something about composition and how to create your own composition. 

At day's end you will go home with a unique and authentic painting.

4.30 pm
End of the workshop

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Intensive Workshop Intuitive Painting
Inclusief alle materialen, koffie, thee, drankjes, lunch en tussendoortjes. Kom je samen met iemand voor de Zomerworkshop, dan krijg je een korting van € 25,00
Premium Xtra Painting Canvas of 70 x 70 cm. This is a sturdy canvas of high-quality cotton, which has already been primed and is stretched on thick wooden stretcher bars of 4 cm thick (instead of the common 2 cm). This gives a nice, robust look. You no longer need an extra frame / frame to hang it, because this thickness presents very nicely.
Suspension system. Your painting is ready to hang.
Acrylic paints, acrylic inks, oil pastels, charcoal, paint brushes and other types of painting tools.
You also have an easel at your disposal.
Koffie/thee/frisdrank, lunch en tussendoortjes.